Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise

I visited the community garden plot that Sustainable Living Maryland is working after market on Saturday.  We have a small core group of volunteers sharing a plot and also working on improvements to the garden as a whole.  One of our main projects has been finding a way to get water to the garden, as this has been one of the main problems - gardeners have to haul water in to water their plants as there is no nearby water source.  We decided the solution was to bring in a large water tank, build a stand for it, and have the City of Westminster fill the tank, as there are no buildings around to collect rainwater from.  It was my job to orchestrate the building of the stand and delivering the donated tank to the site.  The former was accomplished quickly by a willing and able volunteer (thanks Joe!) and the later was my job - which wasn't getting done due a variety of issues; those being lack of transportation and lack of energy on my part.  I was starting to feel guilty about my procrastination.  So when I arrived at the site and saw a fully functional water stand and water tank, FILLED and in use, I was floored.  It was like I was dreaming, what a gift!  And I'm still not even sure where the tank came from.  What a relief!

On top of that, the garden is thriving.  I was amazed to see three melons growing, a small ripe tomato, large green tomatoes, full bean bushes in flower, great looking pepper plants, and a beautiful herb and flower patch.  All with little to no weeds.  Thanks to our volunteers who are maintaining the plot and also to the mystery deliverer of the water tank!  All this certainly made my day!

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