Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some new girls

No, they don't live in a garbage dump.  These are bags of leaves to add to the compost pile inside their yard.

The newest 9, just getting their feathers.

We aren't aiming to get back heavily into the egg business, but when spring rolled around and the feed store had their baby chicks, I couldn't resist a few.  So we got a humble 5 assorted baby chicks.  A few weeks later, dad said that we should get some more, 'If your going to have 5 you may as well have 15'.  So the pull of the feed store got me again while Stella was at preschool one day, and 9 more came home with us.  So we now have 14, which should start laying in August.  We'll have a small amount of eggs for sale once again come fall.

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