Sunday, June 29, 2014

CSA Week 4

Spring (Summer?) Onions (1 bunch) - These are still fresh green topped 'spring' style onions, although it is now officially summer and so now they could be called 'summer' onions.  We are pulling from our crop that will develop into large regular onions.

Broccoli (1 bunch) - Some heads have leaves left on them, you can cook the leaves and eat them too!

Herbs (your choice, unlimited) - Basil, Mint, Tarragon, Cilantro, Chives or Parsley

Kale or Swiss Chard (1 bunch)

Sugar Snap Peas (1 quart) - Edible pod peas.

Black Raspberries - We don't have a huge quantity of these so we're giving half the CSA some this week and the other half will get them next week.

Kohlrabi - Leaves are left on this week, you can cook them and eat them too.

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