Friday, November 18, 2011

So many changes to the farm and our family this season!  With the expected arrival of our second daughter any week now, it has certainly been a different kind of growing season.

'Simplify' has been my mantra this year, and in doing this for the 2011 season, I found myself taking a break from having a flock of chickens.  I do miss the eggs and just having them around, but I am grateful to not have to worry about feed cost and pick up, another daily chore, and the fact that I need to get them into a more moveable housing set up.  These are things to figure out for next year, when we get another flock.

We also did not do a CSA this season, what a huge break for me!  CSAs are a wonderful way for customers to support a farm and for the farmer and customers to build a relationship.  They do require a lot of work and commitment from the farmer (and let's be honest here, and often times stress).  Scratched that off my list for '11.  I am thinking about doing a very small number of shares in 2012, and will keep you posted.

These are just two of the concrete ways the farm has changed and adapted this season.  We'll continue to make subtle shifts around here to accommodate our growing family's needs and continue on with the job of creating a working, sustainable small farm system.  We hope to post more frequently in order to share this journey.

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  1. I've been looking at CSA as a possible model for our future farm, and to me it just seems like an insane amount of work for a family to do without any employees. Hope next year works out well for you. :)