Thursday, May 13, 2010


Soil is one of the most important things to consider when you are going to grow plants.  This is a picture of the potting soil that I make in order to start my plants and grow them on in pots. It is an excellent mixture which meets Organic Standards that I have used for years because it always performs well.

This spring, I have seen multiple instances of friends who have gotten excited about starting a garden, bought their seeds, and sowed them.  Their results were less than stellar.  One came to me - 'Help!  Nothing is growing'.  When she came to the farm, I asked her the circumstances and immediately asked to see the bag of potting mix she had in the back of her car.  Ingredients: Peat moss, vermiculite, and lime.  Seed starting mix, yes, but growing mix, no.  Another friend had nice little seedlings, which ultimately just sat there, yellowing as the weeks went by.  No nutrients in the soil and poor aeration.

How can companies get away with selling this junk?  And it's not cheap.  It's the age old problem of big businesses selling inferior garden products, the customers buying them and failing with their plants, and then having to go back and buy more in order to start the cycle over again.  I don't have advice as to what commercial brands of soil will give you good results but I can let you know that I am now selling my potting mix and it works.  So let me know if you need any.  And mine comes with free troubleshooting and garden advice, too.

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